Hotels & restaurants

As an industry, the catering and hospitality trade swings from boom to bust, depending upon the current state of the economy. Managing such variations in business fortunes needs planning and robust accounting systems.

GHLD can handle all these aspects for you. Michael Lerman has a great deal of experience in this area, having been the Finance Director and acted for a number of hotel, restaurant and pub groups and companies.

Accounting systems – we can advise on the best type of system for our clients, design and assist in the implementation.

Reporting systems – Relevant and timely reporting is vital to management. We help our clients format a meaningful reporting system which pulls information from the accounting system on a regular basis. Thus allowing management to operate the business successfully.

Planning and forecasting – Anticipating the future is the best way of planning for both success and challenges. We are well versed in the variable functions within hotels, restaurants and pubs and regularly prepare budgets and forecasts for our clients.