Charities and not for profit

Charity and Not For Profit reporting is a complex area, with regulations and requirements that change frequently. The format of accounts and reports for charities are very different from those required for commercial entities.

There is a range of legal entities a charity can choose to adopt, as well as various management structures and we are happy to advise on the best entity for your organisation.

We remain fully aware of all developments in the reporting regulations affecting charities, and we also assist our clients with the completion of the annual return to the charity commission. The  trustees and managers of our charitable clients find our guidance invaluable in helping them discharge their responsibilities and apply good governance.

As registered auditors, we are able to audit the accounts of all charities. As well as fulfilling our statutory duties during the audit process, we will identify any tax or regulatory issues our charity client may face.  We also aim to spot any opportunities that there may be for income to be maximised, a feature of our service that many charitable clients appreciate.