Non-Domiciled & Ex-Pats

Tax for non-domiciled and expat clients and businesses can be complex to understand.

With multiple tax treaties and rules on people moving to the UK or abroad, it’s best to have an expert team to advise you on the best ways to stay compliant and pay the exact amount of tax.

Improving your position

Whether it is setting up a business in the UK or investing in property, having an expert hand to guide you through the changing landscape of tax and compliance will serve you well.

There are measures in place to ensure you can claim double tax relief between two countries. We will help you plan your move and make sure you have gone through all the necessary steps to set up a solid foundation for your new venture.

If you split your time between the UK and another country, you will have to consider your remittance basis and its effect on your personal allowances.

We will take control of your necessary tax returns, make sure you meet your deadlines and that any capital gains taxes are charged accurately with any eligible allowances in mind.

You do not need to handle this complicated process on your own. GHLD is here to help with your needs.

Giving you the best possible advice

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