Media and technology

We act for a broad scope of media clients, ranging from internationally recognised film and television producers, theatre producers through to new-media companies whose business is the digital production and distribution of content to smartphones.

We also act for many performers and creatives who earn their living both on stage and behind the scenes.

Our knowledge of the UK film and television industry, and the specialised compliance requirements and planning opportunities that exist within that sector, enable us to advise clients as to how best to plan their operations.

We are also able to advise upon the newly introduced tax reliefs granted to the theatre industry.

In the field of new-media and technology, we have particular experience in guiding companies through the many specialized tax areas that exist to promote the development and distribution of IT related industry within the UK.

If protecting your Intellectual Property (IP), and achieving its optimal tax treatment is important to you, then in conjunction with your lawyers, we can plan for your IP to be effectively exploited, yet at the same time, protected.

Whether your business is either the subsidiary of a well established brand – or you are alternatively a small producer or performer or developer, then speak to us, and benefit from our wide experience, and extensive network of contacts, in this increasingly complex sector.