Harry Grant

“Harry Grant and his team offer a very personal service. Their attention to detail and fastidious application of up to date knowledge have served me well.”

“As in the doctor patient relationship, the doctor accountant relationship has all the important elements of feeling reassured and knowing that the advice provided is well informed, reliable and, most importantly, the right advice at the right time.

Such is the service that I have received for the last 20 years from Harry Grant and his team.”

“Having a good and reliable accountant is like having a good and reliable doctor. They are reliable with the routine needs, readily available if there is need for an emergency visit, and always there with sound advice whenever it’s required.”

“Harry has always been there when called upon and his advice is consistently measured, timely and of great value. We have been able to seek his advice on many subjects and very much appreciate the facility to find answers to these varied questions in one place.”

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